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What is the Paris Fintech Forum?

The Paris Fintech Forum (PFF) is the most exclusive European annual event on digital finance & Fintech, organized by Altéir Event. In 2019, for the 4th edition, more than 2700 international participants from 75 countries, 280+ speakers, and 180+ Fintechs gathered to discuss the latest trends and topics in the sector. This event grew to become the Davos of digital finance & Fintech. In 2020, the 5th edition of the Paris Fintech Forum will be held in Paris on January 28th and 29th.


Where will the 5th edition of the Paris Fintech Forum be held?

PFF 2020 will take place in Paris, France, on January 28th and 29th, 2020 at Palais Brongniart. This former stock exchange building, classified as a Historical Monument, is located in "Vivienne" district, between the place de la Concorde and the Louvre Museum.

The Palais Brongniart is located at: 16 Place de la Bourse, 75002 Paris, France (see on Google maps)


When is the 5th Paris Fintech Forum?

  • PFF 2020 will be held on January 28th and 29th, 2020.
  • Opening hours: from 07:30 am until 07:00 pm.
  • Sessions are held throughout the day from 08:30 am until 06:30 pm (schedules may be modified).


Who attends Paris Fintech Forum?

Paris Fintech Forum is an exclusive event for all the actors of the financial industry, bank, insurance, regulator and Fintechs. In 2019, 65% of attendees were CEOs / C-level or directors. Moreover, around 50% of participants came from abroad (75 countries represented). Finally, speakers are exclusively international CEOs and thought leaders from various sectors such as banking, insurance, finance, Venture Capitals (VCs), Fintech, regulators and institutions.

What is the format of the 5th edition of the Paris Fintech Forum?

The forum includes session and workshop rooms as well as exhibition and networking spaces.

Specific features:

  • No keynote at the Paris Fintech Forum, we prefer dynamic conversations between speakers during panels and interviews
  • Most of the time, our panels gather directors of financial institutions, regulators, VCs and CEOs of Fintech from all around the world.
  • 60 CEOs of Fintech will present their companies during a 5 minutes pitch on 28/01 in front of international VCs jury members in a dedicated room ( stage 7 the morning and stage 2 the afternoon).

Moreover, many side events are organized (more info here):

  • Speaker Dinner: reserved to the forum speakers and main partners, on January 27.
  • Gala Dinner: on invitation only and for Diamond tickets owners, on January 28. Invitation will be send by the 20/01
  • Women in Finance Lunch: a lunch dedicated to the situtation of women in finance (invitation only), on January 29.
  • Paris Fintech Night: open to all forum attendees, on January 29.
  • several VIP breakfast and lunches organized by our partners: click here for more info


Is there a program available for the 5th edition of the Paris Fintech Forum?

Yes, the program is available on our website.


Is the 5th edition of the Paris Fintech Forum dedicated to the French market?

No, the Paris Fintech Forum targets the international market and tackles global sector topics. In addition, the organizers of the forum are always looking to bring a majority of international speakers on stage (more than 80%)


What is the 5th Paris Fintech Forum preferred language?

All sessions at the Paris Fintech Forum are held in English only. Simultaneous translation in French is available only in the Stage 1.

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When can I register to attend Paris Fintech Forum 2020?

Registration will be open from mid-September 2019 until January 24th, 2020 at the latest. The platform can be closed at any time once the event is sold-out. For the two last editions,  75% of the tickets were purchased by December 31st,  and we were sold out much before the opening. So we strongly advise you not to do a last-minute registration.


How can I register to attend Paris Fintech Forum 2020?

You can only register and purchase your ticket online by following this link


Can I register more than one participant?

Yes, it is possible to register more than one participant. However, the registration process should be repeated for each attendee i.e. one form should be filled per attendee. Each person registered will receive only one ticket to attend the full event, as tickets are nominatives. We would cancel several tickets taken under the same name.

Please ensure that the right information is filled for each and every attendee (name, first name, email address).


What are the different prices and registration rates?

Please find all details on our offers and fees here

Is there a one-day registration rate?

A small number of 1 day tickets are on sale since January 1st, 2020 and only for the second day (29/01), for 1080€ VAT included. Please note that this rate is not subject to any promotion. The organizer can stop to sell these tickets at any time.

No one day tickets for the 28/01 will be made available.


What an "Early Bird" ticket is?

An "Early Bird" ticket is a discounted  ticket from 40 % to 10% off on "General Admission" ticket price depending on your registration date. Warning: Early Bird tickets are limited in quantity and each promotion has a deadline, don't wait to get your tickets. NB: early bird tickets gives you the same right at the event than a "General Admission" ticket BUT they are much less flexible. See details on our ticket page.


What are the advantages of the "Diamond" ticket?

The Diamond ticket is a premium ticket with specific advantages limited to 100 participants maximum:

  • Gives access to the entire event during the 2 days, (under limitation for parties, more info).
  • Priority access to the welcome desk.
  • Invitation to the Gala Dinner on 28/01 at the Intercontinental Opéra hotel (your seat will be reserved for you until 8PM, then given to someone on the waiting list if you are not here in time)
  • Unlimited one year access to a streaming platform to watch all the videos of the event as soon as they are available in March 2020 (please see standard video access conditions for non-“Diamond” ticket here).
  • Transferable for free under conditions until 28/01/2020: tickets are nominative but you can request to transfer it to someone else until 28/01/2020, the new owner of the ticket must come from the same company. There will be a specific process to follow, it is mandatory to contact us upfront before the event on ).
  • Partially Refundable with a fee 30% of the ticket price until 24/01/2020, not possible after this date.


Is there a preferential rate for Fintech collaborators?

Yes but only under eligibility conditions: we are offering 60% off on "General Admission" Ticket. Limitations and eligibility:

  • Special discount “Fintech Startup” is only available for members of a startup created for less than 5 years on the event date, offering a product or services related to the Fintech industry and whose funds raised or less than 10M€. In case the company is a subsidiary of another company/group those conditions will be applied to that holdig company/group
  • This special offer is limited to 2 tickets per startup.
  • The event organizer is the only judge upon the eligibility of the request. The organizer can cancel a ticket taken under this special category if it considers that the participant is not eligible for this offer after detailed verification. In this case, the ticket will be refunded to the buyer minus fees as described in our T&Cs
  • A maximum number of 300 "Fintech Startup" tickets will be sold. We could stop the sale of this type of tickets any moment.

Is there a preferential rate for students or teachers?

No, there is no preferential rate for students or teachers.


Do you offer media accreditations?

Yes, we do offer media accreditations.  More details here


How can I pay my registration fee?

  • Credit or Debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, CB and American Express.
  •  Wire/Bank transfer, by selecting "Other means of Payment" and then Pay on Invoice" on the last step of the registration process Please note that:
    • Altéir Event’s bank account information are sent once you've been registered and have selected this option as a payment method.
      Attention: Any wire transfer received after the determined payment date will result in a cancelled ticket.
      In this case, the participant will have to restart the registration process and may lose any previously offered price reduction.
    • Payment orders by wire transfer won't be accepted from January 13, 2020 due to the long settlement period. Please contact  for any concern on this matter to try to find a suitable solution for you.
  •  After invoicing: if you want to receive an invoice to be settled, and eventually add on it a reference number, please  select  "Other means of Payment" and then Pay on Invoice" on the last step of the registration process at the end of the process on the payment wall.
  • With your Paypal account,
  • Checks: send your check to our postal address: Altéir Event, 10 rue de Penthièvre, 75008 Paris, France.
    Please write clearly on the check the attendee’s name and last name as well as the order number.


What is included in the registration fee?

Once purchased, all event tickets give you an unlimited access the 28 & 29 January to (limited to the capacity of each space at your arrival time) :

  • All session rooms without any exception (5 rooms for the 2020 edition).
  • The 2 conferences Stage 5 and 6 dedicated to our partners’ workshops. Access might be restricted by the partner; if true, it will be communicated on our website and/or on the program,
  • The public networking lounges, except both media and speaker’s lounges.
  • The Innovation & Business Lounges animated by our partners, please note that they can restrict the access to these areas under their own conditions.
  • The 3 exhibition halls on both floors,
  • The guest catering: breakfast, lunch, and coffee-breaks are offered to all attendees in the exhibition halls.
  • The Paris Fintech Night, our big closing party! (subject to availability upon your arrival time).


Once registered, how will I receive my ticket?

Once the ticket has been purchased and fully paid for, a confirmation email will be sent to the attendee’s registered email with the event ticket. Please note that all tickets are sent again two days prior to the Paris Fintech Forum with updated information if any.
Make sure to check your spam inbox for emails from Paris Fintech Forum or Evenium our registration platform.

NB: in the registration process you may chose to give us a second contact who will receive your tickets in cc. Moreover if the buyer is not the participant, he will also receive the tickets in cc.


Do I need to print my ticket to access the event?

No you do not. However, we advise you to print your ticket in order to ensure a smooth on-site registration process and reduce the waiting time for our attendees. In case you were not able to do so, we can do it in the registration area. Please note that you need to already be registered as an attendee on our platform. A valid ID with photo and the same name than on the ticket will be required to get your badge.


Can I change or transfer my ticket?

All tickets are nominative, the possibility to transfer it to someone else depends on your ticket category.

Early Bird” ticket, “Startup Fintech” tickets and "Media" tickets are nominative and non-transferable.

"General Admission" tickets are  transferable for free to someone from the same company  until the 13/01/2020, a specific process will have to be followed, please contact us on  if you need more information. After the first transfer, the other ones will be charged 250€ per request.  No transfer possible after the 13/01/2020.

"Diamonds" tickets are transferable for free  to someone from the same company  until  the 28/01/2020, a specific process will have to be followed, please contact us on  if you need more information. No transfer possible after the 28/01/2020. Please note that in any case the transfer will have to be managed by the original owner of the ticket.


Can I cancel my ticket and get reimbursed?

"General Admission", "Early Bird" and "Fintech Startup" tickets are non refundable and non cancelable.

"Diamonds" tickets are partially refundable on request until the 24/01/2020. Fees of 30% of the original ticket price will be deducted from the refund.

Where can I find the invoice for my ticket?

The invoice is sent after full payment in a pdf format attached with your ticket confirmation email sent to the buyer of the tickets.  If the participant is not the buyer he will not receive the invoice. Please also check your Spam inbox.


Can I modify my invoice?

No, invoices cannot be modified once they have been issued at order time. Please ensure entering the correct data during the registration process.


I am not a French resident, why am I paying the French VAT?

According to the French law on congresses and forums, French VAT must be included in the total amount paid by the buyer disregarding the country of purchase.


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3. GET INVOLVED (be a speaker, a sponsor or a partner)

I am interested in partnership opportunities and/or get a booth

Please fill out this form to be contacted by our team and get more information. 

NB: we do not give the opportunity to pay to be on stage, our speakers are exclusively selected for the content they can share with the audience and this is not included in any sponsorship package. Please find bellow the procedure to become a speaker.


I am interested in institutional or media partnership opportunities

You are an association, an international hub dedicated to finance or Fintech, a powerful media on the financial industry and you are willing to become one of the partners of the event. Please fill out this form to be contacted by our team.


I am interested to be a speaker, can I apply?

Our panels are  almost exclusively dedicated to CEOs and directors of banks, insurance, regulators and Fintech. If you would like to join us, please complete this speakership request form. Please precise at the top of the form if you are a Fintech.



I am a Fintech CEO and interested to be on stage, can I apply?

Please fill out this form before  the 31/10/19 if you want to apply to be on stage.


What happens after I apply to speak?

Once the form is filled, it will be assessed by our team who will respond to successful applicants between October and December.


I am interested in a media accreditations, who should I contact?

You can ask for your Media Accreditation here


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What are the different types of sessions at Paris Fintech Forum?

Different types of sessions are offered during the 5th edition such as panel discussions, pitching & showcasing, lectures, interviews, workshops, and round tables. We do not have keynotes.


What are the global topics discussed during the 5th edition of the Paris Fintech Forum?

During panels and debates, the main actors of the market will express themselves on selected themes dedicated to ongoing revolutions in the financial and Fintech industry.

All key topics will be addressed, among them a few examples: 

  • Regulation & Regtech
  • Data is everywhere
  • Blockchain and crypto assets
  • Insurtech
  • Cybersecurity & fraud
  • Banks, tech giants & Fintech
  • Finance as a platform
  • The rise of tech in Fintech
  • Fintech and finance coopetition


What are the sessions timing?

  • 08:40am – 12:40am
  • 02:30pm – 06:15pm

Please note that timing may differ among sessions.


What are the different rooms capacities?

  • Stage 1: 700 seats
  • Stage 2: 200 seats
  • Stage 3: 210 seats.
  • Stage 4: 100 seats.
  • Stage 5: 60 seats.
  • Stage 6: 105 seats.
  • Stage 7: 80 seats.

Can I access all the session rooms with my regular ticket?

Yes, the purchased ticket gives you access to all the session rooms. Please note that seats are subject to availability.

Is there a program available for the 5th edition of the Paris Fintech Forum?

The program will be available and released on January 9th. 


Will all the announced speakers attend the forum?

The speakers announced on our website are confirmed, in writing, to attend the forum, unless a speaker has a “force majeure” preventing him/her from attending. During last editions, very few speakers canceled last minute.


The Exhibition Area

The exhibition area is divided between two levels in 3 halls and gathers over 140 stands. Exhibitors range from Fintechs to Corporations.
This area is accessible from 07:30am to 07:00pm on both event days. Find exhibitor's details here and the full forum map here.


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How many Networking areas are there?

  • 5 innovation & business lounges on level 2 handled by our partners.
    • These lounges are animated by our partners who themselves organize meetups, presentation corners and 1to1 business meetings prepared prior to the event (you might get invited in one of our emails).
    • Sometimes the access to these lounges might be limited on invitation only, but most of the time you will get the opportunity to visit them and share a moment with our partners.
  • 2 lounges open to all attendees on level 2
    • Brella Lounge, dedicated to 1to1 meetings organized with the help of our networking application Brella.
    • The Altéir networking lounge, just nearny the Brella lounge, with all day drinks and lunch catering.
  • NEW this year, the "Work & espresso lounge" specially organized to welcome small meeting, let you work (hi broadband wifi, electricity plugs, tables, ...) + on demand espresso done by our exclusive baristas
  • 1 speaker lounge next to the Stage 1, exclusively reserved for speakers (special access) organized in partnership with Mastercard.
  • 1 media lounge exclusively reserved to attendees with media accreditation and their support staff. This lounge will be managed in partnership with a renown PR agency.


Is there a Networking Application?

Yes, a dedicated networking application will be available for download 10 to 15 days prior to the event date, Brella. 
An invitation email to download the app. will be sent to fully registered and confirmed attendees.


Can I organize meetings at the event venue?

The networking application Brella will help you to organize meetings and to find a place directly with the app. These meeting points are easy to find within the Brella Lounge.


Can the Paris Fintech Forum organizers help me organize and set-up meetings?

No, as event organizers we do not provide this service.


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Are there side evening events or parties?

Yes, the Paris Fintech Forum organizes 3 parties on January 27, 28, and 29.
The party on January 29 is the only one open to all forum attendees.


More on our evening events below:

  • January 27: Speakers Dinner
    • Exclusively reserved to all the speakers taking part in the Paris Fintech Forum (by invitation only)
    • Starting at 07:15pm at a marvelous venue in the heart of Paris
    • If concerned, you will receive an invitation by email, as a speaker you are automatically invited but you must confirm your participation.
    • Dress code: Casual
  • January 28: Gala Dinner
    • An event by invitation only and limited to 500 guests
      NB: owner of “Diamonds” tickets (100 maximum) are guaranteed to receive an invitation.
    • Starting at 07:15pm
    • If concerned, you will receive an invitation by email between the 15 and 27 january and a special tag (G) will be added on your badge
    • Dress code: Smart or Smart-Casual
  • January 29: Paris Fintech Night
    • An event open to all attendees
    • Tickets to attend this party are delivered upon arrival on the forum
    • Starting at 07:30pm at a venue near the Palais Brongniart. This is an “all night long” party!
    • No Dress code

More info on our parties here

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Are food and beverage provided?

Yes, a catering area is accessible for all attendees in the Exhibition Hall. Breakfast, lunch (with champagne), and coffee breaks will be available daily.


What are the opening hours and access conditions to the catering area?

  • Breakfasts: For all attendees: from 07:30am to 08:30am every day in the exhibition hall within the exhibition area in order to encourage networking.
  • Lunches: 12:40PM to 02:20PM
    • For all attendees: every day in the exhibition hall and partners’ lounges. The cocktail lunch and champagne are served to every participants and speakers to exchange and network within the exhibition area.
    • By invitation only: lunch organized by our partners at selected restaurants. A registration email will be sent to you, if you are invited to join this event. More information here
  • Coffee-Breaks:
    • A coffee area serving coffee, tea, and soft beverages, permanent open bar, is available all day long throughout the event days for all attendees.

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“How can I get a list of media?”

Journalists tend to ask for media accreditation very close to the date of the event.  We won’t be able to share a significant list of registered media before January 20th. You could ask for it to our PR agency.

You could also contact accredited media by yourself via the networking applications available 10 days prior to the event.

“Where can I meet media during the event?”

Media get access to a Media Lounge during the event to organize their meetings. If you desire to meet someone in particular or answer a meeting proposal you could contact our media lounge team via the email adress . If an iterview is confirmed, you could meet with the journalist in the media lounge, reserved space for this purpose.

“Can I get the list of Media who attended the previous edition”

 You can find the list of 2019 Media at Paris Fintech Forum here.




“I am a media, how can I register/get an accreditation?”

You can ask for your accreditation directly on our website by filling out our form from December. We will only grant 100 Media Accreditations and every request will be studied by our partner. In advance, we're sorry if your request is not granted.

Be careful: don't ask for your accreditation at the last minute.


“As a media, can we film the event?”

You can film the entire event, except conferences and workshop rooms. You will get access to a dedicated Media Lounge where you could also organize meetings and interviews.

Please be discreet during the event in order not to disturb our participants with your material and/or set up.


“Where can I meet speakers during the event?”

The best place to organize meetings will be the Media Lounge where speakers could come if accompanied by a journalist.

Our partner's team will be available in the Media Lounge and will manage this lounge.


Where can I leave my etectronic devices (camera, computer, ...)?

Attention, the Paris Fintech Forum doesn't have a dedicated storage space for your electronic  devices, the best place to store it would be in the clockroom. You are fully responsible of your own devices, even in the media lounge.


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Brella, our networking app:

This year, only one app to do everything:

  • View the full agenda, discover the speakers and session details, the forum map and sponsor list,
  • Browse the guest list (if they registered in the app),
  • Define who you are and who/what you are looking for,
  • Find interesting people to meet (Brella algorithm or direct access),
  • Propose meeting slots and book meeting spots onsite in the Brella lounge,
  • Exchange messages with other attendees registered i the app (if they accept it),
  • Access to all practical information (meals details, parties, ...) 


We'll send you the download and login info 2 to 3 weeks before the event. NB: you are not registered by default, and there is a secured access process, be ready to onboard when we'll contact you to make th emost of the event!

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Do you provide discount on hotel rates in Paris?

Yes, we do offer, exclusively to our attendees, from 20% and up to 50% discount on rooms at our partnering hotels. You will receive all the information about our partner hotels with your ticket.


How long should I stay in Paris?

To enjoy the several side events and evenings happening around the Paris Fintech Forum, we recommend you stay from January 25th until January 31st, 2020. The forum will start on January 28 early morning and you definitely don’t want to miss our closing party on the 30th. In addition to that, some French and European financial ecosystem actors organize related events during this Paris Finance Week, find more on

Do you have discounts on airline and/or train tickets?

No, we do not provide any discount on transportation.


How do I get to the venue?

The Palais Brongniart is located at: 16, Place de la Bourse, 75002 Paris, France.
By car: there is an available parking space near the venue.
We strongly recommend you to take the public transportations.

  • By subway (metro): line 3 “Bourse” stop or line 8 and 9 “Grands Boulevards” stop.
  • By bus: lines 20, 39, 48, 67, 74, 85 “Bourse” stop.


How long does it take to come from the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport to the venue?

By car: an hour and a half between 07.00AM and 09.30AM or 05.00PM and 07.30PM.
By subway or bus: almost an hour.

I need a visa to attend. Can you help me?

No, we do not provide any assistance in this regard. We can only provide you with invitation letters once you have purchased your ticket. Please contact us at


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What do I need to access the venue?

Only registered and confirmed attendees, attendees who have settled their registration fees, will be allowed to access the venue. No exceptions will be made for security reasons, even if your payment is in progress. Only fully paid tickets will be accepted.
We recommend you to print and bring your ticket to ensure your ease of access to the venue.
The ticket is mandatory to access the event, as well as a corresponding personal ID. You won’t be able to access the event without a valid ID to present, even if you did purchase a ticket.
Our security agents reserve the right to control personal ID at the entrance and/or exit doors of the venue. Tickets are nominative and non-transferable.


How and where can I get my ticket?

Please go to the registration area to pick-up your ticket, make sure you have your valid personal ID. In order to facilitate the arrival of all participants, please print your ticket before the event.
If you wish to attend the first sessions, we advise you to come early to avoid long waiting time, a breakfast will be offered between 7:30AM and 8:30AM.
There will be dedicated desks for each available category (media, speaker, Fintech, Diamond,...) to facilitate the registration process.


I only participate for one day; can I transfer my ticket to a colleague?

No, tickets are nominatives and cannot be transferred and cannot be modified. Entrance is allowed with the ticket and its corresponding personal ID.

NB: "General Admission" and "Diamond" tickets are transferable under conditions and until specific dates. Tickets are still valid for only one person.

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I would like to have the participant’s list; can you share it?

No, we do not share our attendees’ personal data. You can read our full data policy here.


I would like to have the media list; can you share it?

The media list cannot be shared prior to the event as media confirmation always comes in last minute.
To get an idea about the event media coverage, you can check the 2019 media list here.

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Consent to be Photographed.

As a registered attendee, you hereby authorize Altéir Event and its official photographers/videographers to photograph you within the context of the 4th Paris Fintech Forum for potential use on the website, marketing materials, social media accounts and in the press until 36 months after the event. You can read our terms and conditions here.


Will the event be filmed and broadcasted?

Yes, the event will be filmed and broadcasted. This includes the exhibition area.


Where can I find the event photos?

As of mid-February, the event photos will be published on our website for public access. Click here to see Paris Fintech Forum 2019’s photos.


Where will I be able to watch the videos of 2020 edition ?

Videos will be available one by one throughout the year from March until September 2020 with free access on our website. A paid access to the streaming platform will give you the opportunity to watch all  available videos  from March 2019. You will receive a dedicated email for this matter. Please note that not all sessions will be videocasted.

NB: Diamonds tickets owner will have free access to the streaming platform.

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We provide a concierge service to all the attendees. Our French VIP concierge service provider & partner, John Paul, will assist you for your transport and accommodation and any other question that you may have, related to your stay at the Paris Fintech Forum. This service is available until January 29, 2020, 24/7.

NB: Our concierge service is not allowed to treat any demand regarding your tickets. For such demands please contact us on 


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