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Mattia D'Alessandra




I am Mattia D’Alessandra, founder and CEO of LoanXchain, a fintech startup focused on creating a new way to trade loans between financial institutions.

As far as my studies are concerned, I spent part of my high school studies at the prestigious Military School Teuliè in Milan, where I was successful enough to be appointed platoon chief. After such period, however, the Great Financial Crisis struck and I found myself desperate to know more about how the World worked. Consequently, I started my university studies concentrating on economics and finance. My passion for the subjects was so strong that studying had never been a heavy burden to me. Therefore, I successfully obtained a series of scholarship and was admitted to the World-class business school Bocconi.

While studying I also started working to experience the real World. First in a Chicago-based fintech, then in top-tier European banks, where I was lucky enough to work on multiple topics, in particular: equity and fixed income investments for private banking, equity research with a focus on Italian banks and, finally, alternative investment.

The intersection of all these experiences is exactly LoanXchain, a fintech, whose focus is making alternative investment more similar to traditional ones for the benefit of banks and the broader financial system.

But I am a lot more than my studies and working experiences, I am a good inline skater, a former judoka and a politics enthusiast at both national and international level. I am also curious about technology and more broadly about new ideas, as long as, they come with proper execution.

I am really looking forward to having a chat with you.