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Magdalena Krön

Head of Rise London & FinTech Platform Lead


(United Kingdom)

Magdalena Krön, Head of Rise London and FinTech platform lead at Barclays. At Rise, Magdalena is building a community of the founders and teams who are creating the most transformative technologies in financial services today. Magdalena started her career in retail management and whilst doing a Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship at UCL Magdalena co-founded a company building a flexible workforce application for retail chains. In 2013 she joined Capital Enterprise where she built up a programme and community linking up investors, VC firms and startups. Whilst at Capital Enterprise she also worked on launching the London Co-Investment Fund enabling early stage ventures raise substanstial seed rounds. In her current role Magdalena keeps one foot in the startup world and another foot in the corporate world as she’s facilitating connections between the two. As a great advocate for improving gender diversity in tech, Magdalena is also the co-founder of the Geek Girl Meetup community in the UK.