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Marek Pärtel




Marek is a co-founder and CEO of EstateGuru. Marek has been actively engaged in real estate business since 2002, having carried out development and investment projects in several European markets. Marek is also co-founder of a leading residential property development group Invego ( In 2014, was launched and is now lending in 7 European markets. The company is building a cross-border marketplace for short-term property backed loans to cover most of the Europe by 2022. The company currently has more than 16,000 investors of different profile from 45 countries and recently closed also the first institutional credit line. EstateGuru is currently in the middle of the equity raise (A-round) which will be the first round for institutional investors. Aside from developing EstateGuru, Marek is a passionate squash player, as he has also represented Estonia in various international competitions among the national squash team.