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Markus Rupprecht




Traxpay’s founder and CEO, Mr. Rupprecht boasts a distinguished track record of leading innovation in the financial services industry. After spending over a decade at Deutsche Bank and becoming one of the company’s youngest ever Assistant Vice Presidents, his passion for disruptive technology led him into senior roles with multiple tech pioneers. He has previously served as Director at Hitachi Consulting, Sales Director at Software AG and as a Partner at ePayCom. Beyond shaping digital strategy at these major players, Mr. Rupprecht has found an outlet for his entrepreneurial spirit by founding two German-based FinTech start-ups since 2009 – namely Traxpay and InvoiceAuction. As well as working full-time as Chief Executive Officer at Traxpay, he continues to explore fresh ways of overhauling the industry he has worked in for more than 20 years by acting as an advisor and business angel for other FinTech start-ups worldwide. Markus Rupprecht holds a Master of Business Administration from the leading Ludwig-Maximilians Universität in Munich.