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Narciso Vega


Accurate Quant


Narciso has over 17 years of experience in financial markets and asset management, and specialises in quantitative and algorithmic trading. He holds a degree in Economics, has a Master's degree in Portfolio Management from the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB) [Institute of Stock Exchange Studies], and an Advanced Qualification in Bonds also awarded by the IEB, as well as several international professional qualifications such as Market Maker from the London Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Series 7 for the US market and the SFDR Exam from the British regulator FCA (formerly SFA).

Narciso has worked for Deutsche Bank London, Merrill Lynch London, Santander Asset Management, Proxima Alfa (BBVA & Vega AM Hedge Fund Platform) and is currently the Director of Investments at, and Founding Partner of, Accurate Quant EAFI S.L., a Fintech Quant Advisor specialised in Quantitative and Algorithmic Trading.

Narciso teaches at several of the top business schools in Spain, including IEB, FEF, and OSTC Trading, among others. He teaches several courses, including the Advanced Qualification in Quantitative and Technical Analysis at the IEB, the Master's degree in Portfolios at the IEB, the Master's degree in Options and Futures at the IEB, Technical Analysis at OSTC and Hedge Funds at FEF, among others. He is also a speaker at international conferences, including Quant Invest Congress (London and Paris) and GAIM Monaco (Global Alternative Investment Managers Congress) among others. In addition, he has published articles for some of the leading publications specialising in Hedge Funds (CTA Intelligence).