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Kasper Wodstrup Rost




Calcabis believes that the real value and knowledge is already anchored in your organisation’s personnel, but the ever-increasing regulations, amount of data, lack of resources and time pressure makes it virtually impossible to reach the compliance demands. To accommodate that very challenge, Calcabis build Virtual Experts around your organisation’s most knowledgeable personnel and creates an AI workforce with abilities equal a real human. This enables you to get a tailored neural network of AI virtual experts, customised to your organisations' specialist knowledge, work tasks, processes and IT infrastructure. We transform the knowledge of your internal experts into Virtual Experts and ensure that all valuable employees’ knowledge is used to its full potential and never leaves your company. Our AI platform has its pedigree in an American Healthcare company and has been developed over the course of 12 years. Calcabis enables you to conduct processes in a more efficient and structured way while complying with current legislation in their particular area at all times. With Calcabis Virtual Expert Platform, you can ensure that your company always uses the optimum processes and draws the right conclusions, allowing you to focus your efforts on other business-critical activities. Our platform can integrate all types of data sources, formats and human knowledge whether held in structured or unstructured form. We focus on your specific needs and requirements – in other words, our service will help your organisation safeguard your compliance.