If you are registered for the 5th edition of the Paris Fintech Forum, it's time to download the PFF20 app (Brella) and prepare your visit:

  • register your profile in the app so that other participants can find you,
  • look for people matching your needs,
  • organize your meetings & exchange messages,
  • browse the agenda & speaker list,
  • Find when a speaker is on stage,
  • access directly to the venue map & exhibitor's list,

The quicker you register, the quicker you will be able to organize your meetings and make the full experience meaningfull for you and the other attendees.



For this 5th edition we listened to your feedbacks and give you only one app to do everything. Nevertheless there are a few tips & tricks to be aware of:

  • You have to define the slots you are available for meetings to be able to send requests to other attendees,
  • You can't chat immedialy with someone. First you request for a meeting, then eventually if that person accepts the request you will be able to chat. In case he/she refuses the request for meeting, he/she may still accept to let the chat channel open.
  • You can browse all attendees who will register in the app, but in priority the app will propose you the profiles matching the needs you defined when you created your profile,
  • Of course, there are no ways to see or contact an attendee who did not register its profile, we do not do it ourselves. So if you know someone should be there and you don't see him/her, just be patient!
  • Last but not least regarding the meetings
    • when a meeting is accepted in Brella app, the system will book for you a table number in our Brella networking lounge (level 2) with a specific time slot to respect,
    • if there are no more table available you will have to propose via chat where to meet, we advise you to meet either at the Altéir Lounge (level 2) or at the Work & Espresso lounge (level 0), two easy places to find in the event,
    • you can look at your accepted/pending meeting at anytime in the app, and if you just want to see the agenda of the forum not mixed with your meetings, just use the filter!

You may use this app directly on your smartphone (look for BRELLA app in google play store or the app store) or on a web browser (next.brella.io). You will need a join code to see PFF20 event. If you are a registerd attendee to the PFF20, you must have received your code by email.

IMPORTANT: your JOIN code is unique and to register you will have to open a Brella account and secure your access with a specific process. If you have issues you may contact us on contact@parisfintechforum.com or go at the Brella help desk during the event.