Available means of payment: Cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express , Paypal, & Bank Transfer or on invoice  until 13/01/2020. More details here


How to choose your Ticket ?

  • "General Admission" Ticket : Secure your ticket and keep the flexibility to transfer it to someone else from your company until the 13/01/2020 without fees in case you can't join. More details? click here

  •  "Early Bird" Ticket : Get your ticket with the best discounted rate from 40 % to 10% off on "General Admission" ticket price depending your registration date. Warning: Early Bird tickets are limited and each promotion has a deadline, don't wait to get your tickets! More details? click here

  • "Startup Fintech" Ticket :  under eligibility conditions. 60% off on "General Admission" ticket : only for employees of a Fintech Start-up created for less than 5 years on the event date, offering a product or services related to the Fintech industry and having raised a maximum of 10M€. Maximum 2 tickets per eligible startup.  Ticket available until 13/01/2020 maximum. More details? click here

  • "Diamond" Ticket : Enjoy the best PFF20 experience ! Maximum flexibility (ticket transferable for free to someone else from your company until the beginning of the event , ticket partially refundable, guaranted Gala Dinner invitation, on site priority access line, unlimited videos access from March 2020). More details? click here

  • You are a Media -> Accreditation requests will be available in November.


All our tickets, unless specific mention hereafter, are nominatives and non refundable -  (1)  "General admission tickets" can be transfered once  for free to a person from the same company . Any additional transfer will be charge with 250€ fees . No transfer will  possible after the 13/01/2020 - (2)  Early bird tickets and fintech startup tickets can't be transfered to anyone  - (3)  "Diamonds tickets" are transferable without fees to someone  from the  same company as the participant until the official beginning of the event the 28/01/2020.  - (4)  "Diamonds tickets" are refundable on request until the 24/01/2020. Fees of 30% of the original ticket price will be deducted from the refund -  (5) "Diamonds tickets" have the following additional benefits :  dedicated priority welcome desk at the event, Invitation for the gala dinner the 28/01/20,  unlimited access for a year to the videos of the event from end of march 2020 (nb: only some sessions of the event will be available on video) -  (6)  only for employees of Fintech start ups being less than 5 years old and having raised less than 10M€ at the time of the event . In the case of a subsidiary of another company, those rules will apply to the mother company. Restricted to 2 people maximum per startup and only available until the 13/01/2020.  - (7)  limited to the capacity of each space at your arrival time. - (8)  unless specific restrictions decided by the partners 
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