January 2018




  • What is the Paris Fintech Forum 2018?
    • The Paris Fintech Forum is the most exclusive European event on fintech & digital finance. It gathers 2000+ international attendees, around 200+ speakers & 150+ fintechs, on 5 content stages. You’ll discover exhibition areas with corporate & fintech booth, networking lounges (both private & public), partners side events & PFF side events public or private (speakers’ dinner, Gala Dinner, Paris Fintech Night…).


  • Where and when the Paris Fintech Forum is held?
    • The 2018 edition of the Paris Fintech Forum will take place on January 30th & 31st, at the Palais Brongniart, the former historical stock exchange place in Paris.
    • The location address is 28, Place de la Bourse – 75002 Paris.


  •  What are the opening hours of the Paris Fintech Forum?
    • Doors will be open at 7.30am, to allow you to enjoy a networking breakfast until 8:30 am, and will close at 7.00pm
    • Conferences will take place from 8.30 am to 6.15 pm (hours may be modified).


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Exhibition Hall:

  • How many exhibitors are there?
    • 90 stands within 2 floors,  allowing 140 fintechs & corporates to exhibit within the Paris Fintech Forum (some are different between the 2 days of the event)
    • 4 innovation & networking lounges will be held by our partners Wirecard, BPCE, Visa and Gemalto


  • What are the exhibition hours?  from 7.30am to 7.00pm both days 



  • What are the stages of the event?
    • There are 6 content stages during both days of the forum
      • Main stage: 600 seats
      • Pitchs & showcases:  200 seats
      • Track room A: 200 seats
      • Track Room B: 100 seats
      • Track Room C: 60 seats
      • Track Room D: 100 seats
      • Track Room E (workshops): 28 seats


  • What are the conferences hours?
    • Hours may vary from one stage to another:
      • 08.30am - 10.40am
      • 11.20am - 12.40pm
      • 02.20pm - 4.00pm
      • 04.40pm - 6.15pm


  • Can I access all the conference rooms with my standard ticket?
    • Yes, ticket for the forum includes access to all the conference rooms, depending on availability (seats) at the moment.


  • When the detailed agenda will be displayed?
    • The detailed agenda will be displayed on January, the 15th. An indicative agenda is already here on website. For now on, you can discover our speakers' list which are implemented each time we have a new speaker to communicate. 


  • Are all the announced speakers be present at the forum?
    • Every announced speaker on our website is 100% sure to come to the forum. Of course, a force majeure may always happen, but last year, upon 213 speakers, only 4 had a last minute speakership's cancellation.


  • In which language are the conference held in?
    • All conferences are in English
    • Simultaneous French translations are available with earphones in most of the conferences (except rooms C, D & E)


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  • Are there be food and beverage provided within the forum?
    • Indeed, breakfast, lunch & coffee break are provided for all attendees (buffet) each day within the exhibiton area.


  • What are the hours and access conditions to these breaks? 
    • Breakfasts :
      • for all attendees: from 7.30am to 8.30am provided each day within the exhibition hall, to allow exchanges and networking.
      • on invitation: breakfasts organized by our partners are also proposed within our restaurants on invitation. You will receive an email to get you registered if you are concerned about the side event.
    • Lunches :
      • for all attendees: from 12.40pm to 2.20pm each day, lunch cocktail with champagne will be provided for all attendees within the exhibition hall and partner lounges, to allow exchanges and networking. 
      • on invitation: lunches organized by our partners are also proposed within our restaurants on invitation. You will receive an email to get you registered if you are concerned about the side event.
    • Breaks:
      • for all attendees: each day from 10.40am to 11.20am and then from 4pm to 4.40pm are coffee breaks available with softs & pastries within the exhibition hall and partner lounges. 
      • A coffee area is also available during both days of the event for all attendees, all day long, providing coffee, teas & softs. 


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  • Are there be any side events or parties linked to the forum?
    • Indeed, there will be 3 different parties, on January the 29th, 30th & 31st. 
    • Please note that only the party on the 31st of January is available for all attendees (on invitation for the other ones).


  • What are these parties?
    • January 29th: "Speakers' dinner" 
      • On invitation only, exclusively reserved to the speakers of the forum
      • From 7pm in the center of Paris
      • You'll get an invitation email if you're concerned about this side event.
      • Dress code: casual
    • January 30th: Gala Dinner
      • On invitation only, limited to 500 guests
      • From 7.15pm in the center of Paris
      • You'll get an invitation email if you're concerned about this side event.
      • Dress code: smart & casual smart
    • January 31st: Paris Fintech Night
      • For all attendees of the Paris Fintech Forum,
      • From 7.30pm nearby the forum venue, until late night,
      • Ticket access for the party given at your arrival at the forum.
      • no dress code


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  • Can I order several ticket?
    • Yes you can BUT you will need to fulfil data & information for each attendee, as a person can only get one ticket to the event. Please make sure that you fulfil the rightful information (name, company, email), for each different attendee. 


  • Spécial fares
    • What are the Early Birds rates?
      • There are degressive promotions available for attendee to purchase on our website, from 40% off in September to 10% off in December. More info on our ticketing platform
    • Should I wait for a lower price available close to the event?
      • No, our price policy is very clear, discounts are each month less advantageous for the attendees, and on January there is no discount at all on the public price for the event. 
    • Is there some special price for the Fintechs' collaborators?
      • Yes, until 31/12.2017 maximum, we provide some 50% discount for collaborators of start-up fintechs, only if they meet all of the dedicated discount conditions. More info here. This special price must be request on the webpage here. 
    • I don't understand, I work for a Fintech and my request for a start-up discount has been rejected? 
      • We limit the dedicated start-up Fintech offer to 2 collaborators per Fintech. Furthermore, the Fintech must meet all of the conditions, in particular the date of creation of the company. And of course we do have quotas for those tickets. More info on the dedicated page here
    • Is there any special price for students and teachers?
      • No, we do not provide special fares for students and teachers.
    • Is there special media access?
      • Indeed, we provide a limited number of accesses for the media. You can request your ticket by clicking here. Please note that for obvious reasons, we can not grant every requests made for a media access. 
    • I would like to come at the event but only to one of the 2 days, is there a one-day ticket? 
      • Indeed, one-day ticket for the 31/01 will be available from January directly on our website. The rate is 720€ (tax included), and no promotion can be applied on this price. 
    • Until when can I buy my ticket?
      • You can buy your ticket until the very day before the event, but we advise you to purchase it before, as of the 30th of December we already had 80% of the available tickets sold. We will close the ticketing platform when all tickets are sold out.


  • What are the area/services that my ticket give me access to?
    • Each ticket give you unlimited access to:
      • Every stages and conferences' rooms without restriction, under reserve of seat's availability at the moment,
      • The 3 workshop rooms (C, D, E) organized by our partners (unless restriction decided by our partners, you will be informed by email),
      • The networking lounges (except speakers' lounge & media lounge), knowing that our partners may decide to restric the access to their private lounge,
      • The overall exhibition areas, in 2 different floors,
      • The breakfasts, lunches and breaks, offered to every attendee within the exhibition hall,
      • The big closing party, the Paris Fintech Night (if availability at your arrival onsite at the party).


  • How can I purchase my ticket?
    • We accept means of payment:
      • Credit/Debit card Visa, MasterCard & American Express,
      • Wire/bank transfert, to be precised that:
        • Our bank info are sent to you when you register if the option payment transfer is selected,
        • Please note that:
          • All non-paid order within a tolerable time limit after the order of the ticket will be cancelled. You will have to make another order on our website and may loose your special price (Early Bird) if the time period has ended,
          • Order by wire transfer (payment to be received after) won't be available after January the 15th, due to settlement period that may be too long. You can contact us if needed at ticket@parisfintechforum.com
      • By check to our postal address (Altéir Event, 10 rue de Penthièvre, 75008 Paris) and mention the order's number and the name of the attendee.


  • Invoices
    • Where can I get my  invoice?
      • Once your ticket is paid, you'll receive an pdf invoice to the email address of the buyer. Please note that the email address of the buyer may be different from the attendee's one (you can choose this option during your registration).
    •  Can you modify my invoice?
      • No, we can not modify the invoices onces they are edited. You have to fulfil the dedicated fields with the accurate mentions during your reigstration. 
    •  Why the French VAT is integrated in my invoice whereas I'm not a French resident?
      • Accordingly to French law upon congress and forum, French VAT must be included within the total amount of the ticket and must be paid by the buyer, regardingless of the country of the buyer. 


  •  Tickets
    • I already purchased my ticket, when should I receive it?
      • Once your order os fully paid, a confirmation email is sent to you with your ticket for the event (email address of the attendee).
      • All tickets are re-sent 2 days before the event. Please make sure that our emails and the ones from our ticketing platform Evenium are not in your spam box.
    • Can I modify, cancel or exchange my ticket once I have purchased it?
      • No. tickets are nomatives, non-cancellable, non-modifiable and non-refundable, accordingly to our general terms & conditions that you can find here
    • Do I need to have my ticket printed to access the event?
      • If you correctly fulfilled your registration form & info you are in our database as an attendee of the event, and you will access the forum by showing the accurate ID to the entrance desk and get your pass for the event. Nevertheless to facilitate the arrival of the 2,000 attendees, and to access the quick entrance, it would be easier if you have your ticket and ID ready to show to the entrance desk. 


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  • What are the professional profiles of the attendees?
    • You can find information about attendees of the previous edition of the Paris Fintech Forum below: 
      • Mainly directors & decision makers:
        • CEOs: 24%,
        • C-level & directors: 48%,
        • Managers: 24%.
      • Areas of activity:
        • Bank / insurance / finance: 36%,
        • Fintechs: 26%,
        • Institutionall/Media/VCs: 16%,
        • Technology & assimilated: 15%.
      • Countries:
        • Speakers coming from 26 countries,
        • Attendees from 47 countries (France 62%).


  • Is the event only French related or global?
    • The Paris Fintech Forum is above all a global event,
    • The majority of speakers are from other countries than France (more than 75%),
    • Conferences will be held exclusively in English.


  • What are the details about the attendees?
    • Next January we will welcome:
      • 2,000 attendees from 50 countries,
      • 200+ speakers from 40+ countries.


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  • Do you provide some discount for hotels to stay in Paris?
    • Yes, we managed some very attractive discounts with our hotel partners, from 20 up to 50% off, exclusively reserved for attendees of the forum. To access these discounts, please fulfill this short form, and then you'll receive info about the bookings by clicking here


  • What do you recommend for the lenght of my stay in Paris?
    • To enjoy the most of the Paris Fintech Forum experience, we recommend you to stay at least from January the 29th to February the 1st. Indeed, conferences start early the 30th. There is a big closing party the 31st, and some french actors of the financial ecosystem organize related events the 1st of February. 


  • Do you have discounts to provide for airlines or train lines?
    • No, we do not provide such promotions.


  • How do I get to the Palais Brongniart?
    • The address of the Palais Brongniart is: 28 Place de la Bourse, 75002 Paris - France.
    • If you come by car, you'll find a underground parking just next the venue,
    • We recommend to take the public transports:
      • Subway: Stops Bourse (line 3), Grands Boulevards (lines 8 & 9),
      • Bus: lines n°20, 39, 48, 67, 74, 85 (Bourse stop).


  • How long does it take to go from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport to the venue?
    • By car: one hour and a half between 7am and 9.30am, and between 5pm to 7.30pm
    • By public transport: you are there in one hour.


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  • Is there a networking app that I can download for the event?
    • Indeed, a networking is available for each attendee, around 10 days prior the event,
    • You will receive an email inviting you to download the dedicated app.
      • Please note that only confirmed attendees will get access to the application, meaning that the payment is received and validated by the organization.


  • Are there be some networking areas within the venue, to exchange with other attendees?
    • Yes, there are dedicated areas within the Palais Brongniart:
      • 2 lounges open to all attendees: 1 within the main axhibition area at the ground floor, and one at the first floor (200 total seats),
      • 1 speaker lounge located just next the main stage, exclusively reserved to speakers with dedicated pass,
      • 1 media lounge exclusively reserved to attendees with media pass and their accompanists (interviews...),
      • 4 innovation & networking lounges at the first floor, which will be organized by our partners (may have some restricted access limits).


  • Can you provide me the list & contacts of the attendees?
    • No, we do not communicate our attendees' list with personal data.


  • Can you share the media's list of the event?
    • Media use to register last minute at professional events. We can't provide it before the event. 
    • Nevertheless, you can have a look at the media's list of the 2017's edition here


  • How can I organize some meet-ups within the venue?
    • The dedicated networking app will allow you to contact, connect and set-up some meetings within the venue. You'll be able to fix the meeting point, within the dedicated meeting areas of the Palais Brongniart. 


  • Can you help me fixing& organizing my meetings?
    • No, we do not provide such services.


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  • What should I bring to access the event?
    • Only registered and validated attendees are accepted within the forum area, meaning that the payment is received and fully treated by the organization. 
      • No exception is made, for security reasons,
      • You recommend you to bring your ticket to easily access the event and prove your registration in case of an issue,
    • A valid ID is mandatory to access the event. Indeed, controls upon the attendee information (first & last names) are made to get your pass for the forum. ID control may be operated at each exit/entrance of the forum.


  • How and where can I get my pass?
    • Your personal pass is provided to you at the entrance of the forum (dedicated welcome desks), after a control of your identity (ticket and ID) is made.
    • If you would like to attend the first conferences, please arrive early, as you'll need time to get your pass and access the event. A networking breakfast is provided from 7.30 am for all attendees.
      • Note that for last edition, 1,500 people came between 7.45am and 9.15am the first day...!
    • To facilitate your arrival at the forum, dedicated queues are available (media, speakers, fintechs...), please follow the indications onsite. 


  • I can only come one day out of the 2 days, can a colleague borrow my pass and access the event?
    • No, tickets are nominatives and non-transferables. An ID is asked at each entrance of the forum.


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  • Will the event be broadcasted/filmed? Does it includes images of me?
    • The event is public, fully broadcasted and filmed, including withint the exhibition areas. By purchasing your ticket, you accept our terms & conditions that authorize us to us your image as a promotional material for the event during 24 months after the event.


  • Where can I find the photos of the event?
    • Photos are displayed on our website (free access) after mid-February. You can find 2017's edition photos here


  • Where can I find the videos of the event?
    • Few videos are available at a free access on our website several weeks after the event,
    • All the videos could be accessed with a subscription fee (one year access) for all the videos (conferences, panels, pitches, workshops...). You'll receive a informative email after the event.


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  • Is there any particular service that I can contact to help me organizing my stay in Paris?
    • Our partner John Paul, French VIP concierge service, is available from mid-November and until the end of the event to help you organizing your stay in Paris linked to the event. You can contact them if you want to book a room, organize your travel or set up a restaurant booking. you have  all the information and contacts of John Paul services once you register to the Paris Fintech Forum.


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